Get to know worldwebamker!


worldwebmaker is a Canadian based business founded on the core belief that game servers could be provided at a more affordable price while still maintaining quality. We have made it our sole priority to provide an affordable service to the game servers community while at the same time maintaining a reasonable level of quality and support. We strive to strike a balance between price and performance, whereas other providers simply charge "as much as they can," which is something that we don't agree with. We have provided our services at our low cost since mid 2013 and we plan to continue offering our service at our price point for as long as possible. We're happy to be making game servers an accessible option for those who may not have much to spend.

Our Hardware

We lease our hardware in bulk and on long contracts in order to keep our costs down. We usually order deals and promotions from our upstream providers in order to keep our costs low so that we can offer great quality services with a low price tag. The hardware that is used in our deployments varies, however we ensure that all of our nodes are using SSD storage, are utilizing a quality 1 Gbps uplink and have RAID data redundancy. Our most common deployment consists of:
- 2xE5-2620v2 or E5-1650v2 CPUs
- 2x 480 GB SSD in RAID 1
- 1 Gbps uplink

Company Info

worldwebmaker is a registered corporation in Ontario, Canada, established as such in early 2014.
Our corporation information is as follows:

Corporation Number: 8818398
Business Number: 821498573RC0001
Corporate Name: worldwebmaker Ltd.
Director(s): James Copeland
Headquarters: 140 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5C

  • Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • Services offered in eight (8) locations world-wide
  • 20+ staff members located world-wide
  • Over 200,000 clients served in over 90 countries


One of the aspects of worldwebmaker that we pride ourselves on is being easily accessible through numerous channels to communicate between clients and our staff. Feel free to contact us at any time with any inquiries regarding our services or business and we will be more than happy to discuss the details with you.

The best way to get in to contact with James (Owner) is via email - james at worldwebmaker.com.


140 Yonge St
Toronto, ON M5C